Regulations for Accommodation with dogs in YOMO IMPERIAL

Basic general rules governing the accommodation of Customers with pets at the Yomo Imperial Hotel so that their stay is as pleasant as possible and does not cause any discomfort to the other Customers staying at the Hotel.

  • A maximum of one pet per room is allowed
  • Only dogs are allowed (no weight limit), cats, birds, reptiles or any other animals are not allowed
  • A fee of €15.00/night will be applied for room cleaning
  • The owner of the animal will have the obligation to keep it in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions, having its medical certifications
  • The owner is responsible for the damage caused by his pet either to third parties or to the furniture. The amount of damage caused during the stay will be charged to the final invoice of the stay.
  • The Yomo Imperial Hotel reserves the right not to admit pets that cause inconvenience to other Customers or behave inappropriately during the stay.
  • At all times the owner is responsible for their pet and its behavior
  • The pet can only be inside the room and in the common passage areas to access them. It is totally forbidden to enter the rest of the interior spaces.
  • Your pet is not allowed to relieve itself in the Hotel premises. They have the environment at their disposal as long as they collect their depositions.
  • To leave or enter the Hotel facilities, you must always bring your pet well tied and on a short leash.
  • Your pet may not be left alone in the room at any time, except during the breakfast period, as long as it is taken at the Hotel. This is to avoid possible annoyance, by barking or crying, to the rest of the Clients staying, as well as damage to the furniture in the room.
  • Customers are asked not to let their pets on the beds or sofas.
  • The pet cannot be bathed in the bathrooms or showers of the rooms, nor can towels be used to dry them or clean them.

Before making the reservation, advise that you are traveling with a pet.

We appreciate compliance with these rules and hope you have a pleasant stay at our Hotel.

Last update: August 18, 2022